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Our 3D Specials
We take pride in our selection of quality products. 
All of our 3D Gender Reveal and 3D Heartbeat Plush Stuffed Animals are sold separately and can be purchased at the time of your visit. 
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We recognize that some parents really cannot wait to find out the gender. Gender reveal parties are all over Facebook and Instagram. It’s fun to watch the balloons rise out of the box, the cake being cut to reveal the color of icing inside, or the blue or pink smoke. We offer an affordale package for finding out the sex of your baby before 20 weeks. Don't forget to post your exciting day on our facebook page so we too can enjoy your moment.

Are You Ready to Meet Your Baby?

Make sure you schedule your appointment date with the following in mind!

For the gender package,13 weeks is best.

For Baby Debut between 28 to 34 weeks.

If you have a high BMI, we suggest 30-34 for the best pictures.

If you are having twins, 27-30 weeks is the best time.



Stay hydrated by drinking water for better results.

In the 2 weeks before your appointment, try your best to drink 8 glasses of water each day ( 8 ounces each).

Bring a drink with ice with you to your appointment - this can help get your baby moving!

Flavor your water with fruit if you don’t like plain water.

If you are well-hydrated, that equals clearer images.

Have A Snack

Be sure both mom and baby eat before coming in for your session.

Have a light meal or snack before your visit, and finish it off with a sweet piece of fruit.

Bananas, grapes, cherries, and figs are best.

This will provide a better chance of your baby being awake and active.

Many parents  like coming in twice, early on, 13-26 weeks, when they can see the baby and then again at 25-34 weeks to see a more detailed face. Between 28 and 32 weeks, your baby develops more fat and gets a more defined face. After 34 weeks, it becomes more and more difficult to obtain good pictures since the baby is running out of room. However, all babies are different and we have been successful in obtaining great images all the way up to 37 weeks.